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PromoCodesForAll (PromoCodesForAll, LLC) is a company registered in Texas, United States with its registered office at 2441 Nacogdoches Rd. # 710, San Antonio TX 78217 ("PromoCodesForAll"/"we"/”us”/”our”).

About this policy (the “Privacy Policy”)

PromoCodesForAll respects your privacy, and our Privacy Policy explains how we collect, store, use, transfer, or otherwise interact with the personal data that you communicate with us when using our website, (the “Website”) in addition to its associated services (the “Services”) provided by us.

Please direct all questions or concerns regarding this policy to us via our contact form.

We may update this policy from time to time, and we will publish updates on this Website. If you do not accept the amended policy, you should cease use of the Website following publication of the amended policy.

Our Privacy Policy was last updated on August 20, 2016.

What is personal data (“Personal Data”)?

Personal Data is anything that can be tied back to you in order to make you personally identifiable by us or anyone else. For example, your email address might belong only to you, so your email address is Personal Data as someone could use it to identify you. For the purposes of PromoCodesForAll, Personal Data may also include your IP address and cookies used in relation to our Website. We do not collect payment details such as billing addresses or card details.

This Privacy Policy only applies to the collection of your Personal Data by PromoCodesForAll and the use of that Personal data by PromoCodesForAll and those whom you authorize. It does not cover third party websites to which PromoCodesForAll provides links, nor does it cover advertisers. Such external pages may have different policies that apply to them, of which you should make yourself aware.

The data we collect

We may collect your Personal Data when visit the Website or view its pages, which includes when you access any material or use any other items or services from PromoCodesForAll using the Website. Specifically, this Personal Data would be your IP address.

We may collect your Personal Data when you file any complaints or contact us to ask questions in relation to PromoCodesForAll or for any other reason.

If we offer any communications services such as newsletters or reminders, we may collect your Personal Data when you subscribe to such Services.

We may use "cookies" or other devices to store and sometimes track information about you.

How we use the data we collect

We may use Personal Data to communicate updates to you about our Website and its Services, in addition to providing you content directly related to our Services, such as promotional codes themselves,if we offer such a service at the time.

If you have filed any complaints or contacted us with any questions, we use your Personal Data to administer the relevant communication process.

We analyze the data we collect in order to improve the Services for visitors of our Website, and this may include enforcing any relevant agreements applicable to this Website such as our Terms of Use.

If you have opted in under a relevant Service, such as a newsletter, we may contact you using the associated contact details to provide information about our Services that may be of interest to you.

To opt-out of received any such communications where the Website may not provide such an option, you may send the request to us via our contact form.

Updating or removing your data

You may unsubscribe from PromoCodesForAll's Services or otherwise ask PromoCodesForAll to delete your Personal Data via our contact form.

If you no longer wish to receive any contact, we will need to retain certain residual personal information (specifically your email address so that we know not to contact it) to enable PromoCodesForAll to ensurethat our systems do not send any further correspondence to you.


A cookie is data sent from a server (such as the one where our Website is located) and then stored on your computer (where you are using our Website).

We use cookies to enhance your experience of using the Website, so that you are aware of, for example, when you have accessed certain promotional codes or other information related to our Services.

We also store cookies for analysis purposes, allowing us to compile statistics of how promotional codes are used on our Website, which allows us to improve the Services.

Cookies are not mandatory, and you can configure your browser to moderate or to reject the use of cookies. However, if you do not accept cookies, this may affect some of the Services offered to you.

How we share your data

PromoCodesForAll respects your privacy, and we may pass your personal information to third party providers of content available on the Website or the Services to enable those providers to deliver their associated services, if they may be advertisers pr promoters on our Website, for example. Sharing this data enables us to monitor the success of such advertisers’ campaigns, which allows us to sustain our Services. When you visit our Website and view advertisements, the providers may be able to collect your IP address, however, we do not display any advertisements that would track your use of the Website (specifically, we do not engage in behavioral targeting).

We will not send any Personal Data relating to statistics to third parties, but the data we have collected may be anonymized so that it is of value for third party use.

We may share your Personal Data to any authority whether a regulator, law enforcement, or legal advisors for any relevant legal or regulatory reasons, such reasons may include a court order or a police investigation. We will cooperate with third parties in order to maintain our obligations and to protect our rights under this policy and our relevant agreements. We will share any Personal Data only in compliance with international legal frameworks, where applicable.

We may also share your Personal Data in relation to any transfer or disposition of a portion or all of PromoDoesForAll’s business, assets, shares, or any other interests in it.

We will share your Personal Data with third parties not stated in this policy only with your written consent and may contact you from time to time to inform you of such request and to acquire the consents necessary to carry out such data transfer. We will not sell or rent your Personal Data without your written consent.


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